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Maslows Hierarchy of Needs

Maslow's Pyramid of Self-Actualization

Here is something for all of us to look at. This is Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. This is used in psychology to demonstrate the fulfillment of our needs in life. Everyone starts at the bottom and works their way to the top of the pyramid as they attain what is at their current level. According to those who study needs and use this pyramid, less than 1% of us reach the top of this pyramid. Most people get as far as the self-esteem level and do not progress from there. I’ll explain each level of the pyramid and for fun, try to determine where your located on the pyramid. View full article »


These are a few old thoughts on a few parts of our society. The first deals with our politics, the second addresses our ignorance, the third looks at how we perceive another point of view, and the fourth talks about maturity. Each of these are issues we deal with from day-to-day. And each person will have their own take on each one. Think about these and what your take on them is and why. View full article »

Before I go into the internet, stop and do a little exercise for me. Think back to 10-12 years ago. What was a computer to you? How often was it involved in your life? When you wanted to check up on an old buddy, how did you go about it? I bet the answers you come up with for that are slightly different from the ones you’d give if I asked you those questions for today. And really, the internet has probably been the big change over the past ten years. What started as a network to quickly pass information from one computer to another has resulted in a massive change in how we as a species communicate with one another. Consider websites like Facebook and Twitter. They have been around for just over 5 years and already their mark on history is assured. Their impact on us is strongly evident from examining many current issues in society. Our social game has changed because of how accessible information is. Even things, such as this very blog, have given rise to a new method of passing out peoples thoughts and opinions. View full article »